Today Banks and financial institutions need to follow regulatory guidelines, provide sophisticated client-focused services, make their operations digitally-focused, and become more competitive and profitable entities with easy-to-deliver new offerings. PROJAK focuses on the banking and investment management sector, developing innovative and client-centric platforms for agile operations with innovative software solutions that provide the needed competitive approach for Banking operations.


The Trade Finance solution enables banks to offer high-added value services dedicated to companies’ import/export business and automatically manages trade and transactions in order to guarantee optimum productivity and reliability.

Client experiences and benefits:

Trade Finance departments of banks, benefit largely though automation and use of products such as IBM CASE MANAGER, IBM DATACAP, IBM COGNOS RTM.

Our finance software caters to the various sub-segments of trade financing such as Letter of Credits, LOC- Amendment, Collections, TT. The trade finance software provides document management, process efficiency and business visibility to the overall operations of the department.


We provide comprehensive loan origination services which controls and automates various business processes/activities performed in processing of a loan for advanced risk management and business process optimization. It further allows financial institutions to integrate various processes for acquisition and pre-disbursal. It supports the entire acquisition process from customer walk-in to decision by the underwriter for the disbursement.

Client experiences and benefits:

Our robust loan origination services, which supports multiple lines of financial businesses allows easy integration with third-party systems. Our programme includes all the essential tools required by a lender in loan origination process thereby saving time and money both as the processes are easy and quick and due to advanced technology usage, enhanced customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Faced with the exponential growth in data, banks and financial institutions are striving to better manage volumes of big data, all while maintaining tight security and complying with strict regulations. PROJAK makes this process simpler by helping leading financial service firms bring their legacy businesses into the future with superfast, secure data transfers internally and between branches, no matter how large the data nor how far the distance.

Client experiences and benefits:

  • Converting documents in digital form, preserved for lifetime and can be shared securely through encrypted URL
  • Data securely stored ,quickly retrieved and updated
  • Files and data can be easily searched n seconds


INTRODUCTION: PROJAK offers credit card solutions for banks and financial institutions. We provide the necessary card services required to use your credit cards, our experts will guide you through the whole process and ensure smooth and swift implementation.

Client experiences and benefits:

  • Paperless experiences are formatted for approvals and tracking systems initiated for status updates of applications.
  • We provide complete digitized solutions which break away from the cumbersome manual processes. the entire programme makes services transparent and user friendly plus does away with the practise of long waiting periods for series of approvals.


The financial services industry is seeing a flurry of innovation and increased competition due to the application of new technology in the sector. PROJAK ensures compliance with an increasingly complex set of regulations as it is one of the key challenges that the banking industry faces today. Therefore, banks are looking at technology that facilitates and simplifies conformance to regulations.

Client experiences and benefits:

  • Compliance Policy, Procedures, and Risk Management became more transparent and self-driven
  • Easier Internal Communication
  • Branch and Multi-Office Management
  • Employee and Adviser Management more productive


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